The vision in my left eye became blurry. It happened pretty quickly and in the middle of a holiday in Victoria with my partner. At the time I thought there was just something in my eye, but it got progressively worse. When I could barely see out of that eye, I really started to worry.

Initially the doctors thought I just had something wrong with my eye but a couple of weeks later I was diagnosed with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis (MS). The diagnosis process can be difficult as the symptoms are varied and complex and can sometimes be associated with other conditions. It was such a shock, it felt so unreal, but then other symptoms I’d been experiencing started to make sense like pins and needles in my hands and legs and the fatigue that just wouldn’t go away.

In a way it was a relief to understand what was happening to me. It wasn’t all in my head. Having said that, it was a scary time and I felt very uncertain how this would affect my life.

A fortnightly injection and medication for pins and needles help me manage my symptoms. I am still working full time and decided on a career change at the end of last year. My previous employer was fantastic as is my current workplace. I have taken on a whole new approach to my life and I try to be on the front foot with my health.

My partner and family have been incredibly supportive, and I am also very grateful to the MS Society for all their advice and support.

When I was first diagnosed, an MS nurse came out to my home and met with me, my partner and my parents. She took the time to explain what MS is, what to expect and how to best manage my symptoms. It also helped my family understand what I was dealing with and how they could help me.

I still talk to the MS nurse a couple of times a month and I have also attended some of the MS Society’s wellness courses.

I’m feeling positive about the future and my goal is to feel as healthy as I can, and I’d love to be a mum one day. I hope that research continues to develop and soon there’ll be a cure for this horrible condition.

Funds raised from the MS Game Changer Lottery help the MS Society continue to provide essential support and services to me and many others like me who are living with this incurable condition and help fund vital research into a cause and cure.