There is no known cause
and there is no known cure.

MS is the most common chronic
neurological condition
young Australian adults.

Three out of four people
with MS are diagnosed
before they are 35.


Jess first began showing symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) at the age of 28, following the birth of her second child. It took several months, and six GPs, before she was diagnosed and referred to a neurologist.

Feeling isolated and scared about her diagnosis and how it would impact her young family’s future, Jess was looking for information and support.

“The first thing my neurologist told me to do was contact the MS Society, because they would help me understand what having MS would mean for me.”

“When you’re diagnosed with MS, you lose control of your body, and you also lose control of your future; The MS Society helped me to understand that my life wasn’t over just because I had MS. They gave me reassurance, comfort, a support network, and a place to feel welcomed and heard.”

The MS Game Changer Lottery is raising important funds to support research into the cause and cure of Multiple Sclerosis, for people living in South Australia and the Northern Territory.

“If I was to wake up tomorrow and hear that there was a cure, or an incredible treatment for Multiple Sclerosis, it would absolutely change my world. So much is taken from us, but funding for research helps give hope to people living with MS.”

“Thank you so much for buying a ticket in the MS Game Changer Lottery – people with MS need your support…It’s changing our lives.”


When Anita was first diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), she was visited in hospital by one of the MS Society’s nurses, Joanne.

“She was there right in the beginning - she came into the hospital, sat down, and spoke to me about what they could offer, and how they were always there to help. All I had to do was pick up the phone and call.”

Now, three years after receiving her diagnosis, Anita still attends as many of the MS Society’s seminars as she can; “I just want to learn about my condition and how to look after it. Every day’s quite different, you have your ups and downs, and it’s a bit scary at times. It’s been a huge learning curve.”

Anita also attends her local support group as often as possible, getting together for dinner and a catch up with other people living with MS, as well as their families. “Human connection, that’s it. Just having people to talk to who understand.”

That’s what led Anita to tell her story for the MS Game Changer Lottery. “I just want to make people aware of MS, and that the MS Society is there for people just like me.”

Thank you for supporting the MS Game Changer Lottery, which allows the MS Society to help people like Anita live their best lives. Every ticket sold helps the MS Society fund vital research into the cause and cure of MS, and continue to provide essential support and services to people living with MS in South Australia and the Northern Territory.